Holger Schulze


Holger Schulze was born in Leipzig. After completing a crafts apprenticeship, the artist, interior architect and carpenter studied interior architecture at the Fachschule für angewandte Kunst (Technical College of Applied Arts) in Heiligendamm. He became active in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, and design from 1995. After 2000, he increasingly dedicated attention to artistic activities and projects turning his ideas into art installations, pictures, graphics, and objects. These are composed not only of artistic and aesthetic components but also of scientific aspects and features of the psychology of perception.

Schulze’s projects are based on physical, mathematical and geometric ideas and constructions that he discovered and developed himself. Living in Leipzig, the artist is now working on a multitude of new projects, notably his universcopes – devices to examine the universe. Through a unique arrangement of mirrors, the universcope series evokes ‘the illusion of an infinite space’ – a universe.