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Marcelina Wellmer: Born in Poland. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany  -

Morritz Wehrmann: Born in Germany. Lives and works in Weimar and Paris -


Deadline: 01. Mai 2016

Ergebnisse:  9. Mai 2016

Ausstellungszeit: 15. Juni – 27. November 2016


Förderer und Partner

  • Kunstkraftwerk
  • Science Gallery
  • Trinity College Dublin


Wunderwerk is KUNSTKRAFTWERK's international open- call exhibition and events programme to expand ILLUSION, an exhibition first developed by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

In line with Professor Wiseman's curatorial investigation, we continue to pose the question of “how the sensorial and cognitive phenomena behind how we perceive can be manipulated and how for centuries artists, scientists and magicians have exploited this to create illusions that baffles the mind and the senses.”

To further illustrate the relationship between illusion and magic, neuroscience, physics and psychology, Wunderwerk invites artists, scientists, psychologists, mathematicians, magicians, neuroscientists and designers to propose participative artworks/exhibits to localise ILLUSION.


Potential illusion themes include:
- Visual illusions and illusions based on colour
- Close up magic/ illusions that could be delivered by KUNSTKRAFTWERK mediators Illusions involving sense of taste, touch and hearing
- Illusions that occur around the city – park railing, city trains and buses
- Illusion of the passage of time
- Illusion through technology – virtual reality goggles or gloves that cause you to perceive something that is not there
- Exhibits/ works that are based on classic illusions such as Camera Obscura and Ames room
- Social and cultural perception or illusion – experiments or exhibits that illustrate our tendency towards stereotypes and bias based on what we see
- Workshop ideas that enable visitors to create their own illusions to take away after their visit
- Illusions that rely on distraction and manipulation of the attention of the viewer
- Anamorphic and/or Trompe d'oeil interventions.

Exhibits in KUNSTKRAFTWERK: up to 3 commissions up to €3000. These are to amend the existing Science Gallery International ILLUSIONexhibits. To be installed from 28 May – 08 June 2016 or during one of the ancillary events.

All Commissions should also include an element of public engagement to take place during the exhibition period (e.g. artist’s talk, art workshop or performance).


  • Alfonso Rituerto, Art Historian and Illusionist
  • Lynn Scarf, Science Gallery Dublin Director
  • Lavínia D. Freitas, Kunstkraftwerk’s curator
  • Professor Michael Bach, from Eye Center, University of Freiburg

Exhibition Programme
Exhibition set-up
May 28th, 2016 – June 8th, 2016

First Thursday of the month (July 07th, August 4th, September 1st, October 6th, November 3rd )
A cross-arts after-hours event for an adult audience.

Last Saturday of the month (June 25th, July 30th, Aug 27th, September 24th, October 29th, November 26th)
A series of daytime events for families with children and youngsters including theatre, storytelling, workshops and other activities across the KUNSKRAFTWERK which encourage participation and are aimed at children from age 6+ and young at 15+.

Last day of exhibition
November 27th, 2016

To enter, please fill out the application form. 

If you have any questions, please contact the KUNSTKRAFTWERK's curator Lavinia Freitas 

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KUNSTKRAFTWERK is a new cultural institution in the city of Leipzig in Saxony, Germany. Based in a former power plant built in the 1880s, the 4000sqm building, its blast furnaces and many of its historical elements have been largely preserved as a reminder of its past contribution to the development of the city.

In 2016, KUNSTKRAFTWERK takes on the new role of a cultural vessel, to be a place of experience, engagement, intellectual inquiry, and discussion for the promotion of a programme of spatially-based arts, such as painting, photography and sculpture as well as time-based arts, such as video, multi-media art, music, dance, theatre, and performances.

KUNSTKRAFTWERK GALLERY has initiated its Wunderwerk program which sets out to explore illusions from the angle of art, cognitive sciences and physics and also to engage the public through a series of immersive experiences, participatory exhibits, performances and talks.

The title of the programme, Wunderwerk stands for the phenomena, experience, and wonder linked to illusions and immersive art.